Volcano Eruption

We have access to a vast amount of information in just one click. Thanks to Youtube and Facebook now everyone has become content creators. [Even in Medium (Just like me!)]. So when you see this all content out there lingering in your mobile, laptop, and TV screens don’t it bothers you? Well certainly it bothers me, I mean I am not saying that it is bad or anything but less is better. …

This movie contains phases so you will enjoy it more because each time it will be in different phases of life.

A beautiful movie with lots of colors and flavors to it. Director Bharat Kamma had very well directed this movie but I have one suggestion for them about background score. It was duller. If they had put great background music in the movie it would have definitely enhanced the quality of the movie. Apart from that, it was such a delightful movie to watch.

Bobby played by — Vijay Deverakonda

Lily played by — Rashmika Mandanna

The story is…

An epic fun ride along with a great treasure hunt in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

This is a movie about treasure hunting no wait, it is about life values no wait, it is about friendship no wait, it is about teenage comedy no wait, it is about Parpata.

Well, James Bobbin did here a great job to not make this movie dead serious when there is happening treasure hunting in the middle of the Amazon jungle. All the actors have played their roles very perfectly. And one of the most important things is that you will not worry…

Sherlock, Enola, and Mycroft [Holmes]

“It’s A World That Needs Changing.”

Millie Bobby Brown gives her very natural and best performance while Henry Cavill is struggling as Sherlock Holmes because of the non-verbal dialogues that he was delivering in the movie. Mycroft Holmes, played by Sam Claflin. Well, there was not much he had to do in this film except just shouting and looking furiously at every character in the movie.

“Our Future Is Up To Us.”

Enola Holmes’ mother left her on her 16th birthday and her two brothers came to visit her at home. They are busy in his life that they even…

When I found out about the MasterClass of Neil Gaiman, I was not very excited because even as a writer I haven’t read any works of Neil Gaiman but I was a little curious about learning something new about writing. So Why had I attended this class anyway?

Neil Gaiman reading from one of his short stories to audience. He is wearing Black t-shirt with black suit.

I want to learn about something useful in writing and what could be better than learning from classic writers Who have written all-time super hit novels. And I came to know about the MasterClass of Neil Gaiman. …

Yes, only 24 hours and now what…

UnSplash — Thomas Bormans

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
- William Penn

Things that we all know.

Well, thanks to Albert Einstein, scientifically proven that actually, time is an illusion. But why does that matter to us and how it affects us? He said that “Time is relative.” One can observe it as a slow walk in the park but one can experience it as a fast running train. Psychologically Time has a different impact on each person’s life.

Have you ever noticed that when you are very happy time just flies and you forget even…

Another serious article on innovation.


Yesterday, I was watching YouTube on Wintery day. I searched for dance videos on it and it shows me a couple of videos of different types of dances and all that. But one video in particular just caught my eyes and it was City Girls — Twerk, ft. Cardi B. I had known about twerk dance but never actually seen much. Now I watched this video and it just blew my mind away. I mean how can humans use their not much-explored body part in this fantastic way. Before these twerks came into someone’s crazy…

This is my first Medium article and also my second article on an online platform.


In this pandemic time, while waiting for something magical to happen that can change my life, I was worried about what to do with life now? All doors are closed and I was eagerly finding the opportunity to work on something. I had just completed my graduation and gave final year exams at the time of corona. When the result came that I have successfully completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, I was happy but not much because now the question was What is next?

Dhruv Solanki

Exploring things and writes about them.

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