The Volcano of Information has Erupted! — Thanks to this Information Age.

We have access to a vast amount of information in just one click. Thanks to Youtube and Facebook now everyone has become content creators. [Even in Medium (Just like me!)]. So when you see this all content out there lingering in your mobile, laptop, and TV screens don’t it bothers you? Well certainly it bothers me, I mean I am not saying that it is bad or anything but less is better. If you have too many choices you will eventually get confused in deciding what to choose, well except for some people who are just pro in choosing but for most of the people it happens like this, When you have too many options to choose from they suffer by choosing one and they can not enjoy what they have chosen for them because in their mind other options are always playing and saying “You should have chosen us!”

There are advantages and disadvantages to a vast amount of content. The advantage is for actual content creators that this era has provided them new technological tools and with the help of those tools they can easily create new content and share or publish that content on different platforms. So this era is more of content creators, they are just creating content from everywhere. One can write articles from the Himalayan mountains and one can make videos of their pets in south America. Also, there is one advantage to viewers if they are not like me of course, that they can have colorful content. They can enjoy the different tastes of people from different genres, from different countries, and from different perspectives of the mind. But what happens when you have little time to watch or read then this vast amount of content becomes troublesome to choose from and it happens to me all the time.

Content creators are enjoying their perks like never before. And there is one more clear disadvantage to this is that now everyone is interested in giving their opinions and decisions. They are just not seeing the full picture and giving their judgments before knowing the complete matter. One can have access to fake news even without realizing that it is fake news and become the victim of false agents who are always ready to mislead people with the mind and can harm people in a very easy way.

On Instagram, I am seeing that there are lots of accounts that post about positivity and feel-good quotes, but I am asking by just reading daily good quotes. How can a person become better in his life? It is just a sheer waste of time in creating the content and seeing that content. Read something more useful and innovative to change a life. Some people are showing their talents and artwork which is one of the best things to look at on these platforms. And some people are just more interested in showing their body, I mean what difference is it gonna make if you have a hot body or six-pack abs? If you have a healthy body and you are spreading awareness about staying fit and fine is good but people are just more of crossing limits and showing something else more and more, which is just doesn’t necessary at all.

One thing we need to talk about is that younger talent is getting quality attention that is actually changing their lives and it is the best thing that is happening because of these information-sharing platforms. Younger writers, dancers, singers, photographers, and artists are becoming really famous and people are not only admiring them but actually giving them very useful opportunities. One good example of that is Yashraj Mukhate. Check out his YouTube channel and you will be surprised to hear the funny beats.

The main thing as a content consumer in this highly chaotic and complex world is that we need to be aware and conscious all the time. One call and all your bank account money can just vanish in seconds. One unknown friend from Facebook can lead you to some unwanted organizations. The sharing of sensitive content can take you to jail. Fake news, fraud emails, messages, calls, and fake accounts from Social media platforms, lottery, Bonuses, competitions, duplicate websites, and whatnot. The 21st century’s thieves have become smarter to play tricks against us. So to prevent them from harming us we need to be much smarter than them.

Now the question is how are you handling all this information that just bombarding your digital devices’ screens every day? Well, one thing you can do is that not give much attention to everything and instead focus on what matters most? Your life and time matter the most so just save your time by not scrolling the infinite scroll bar on Instagram or YouTube. Those apps are built in such a way that you stick there and won’t leave. The great mind’s power is all used for pouring information in front of you that is only of your interests and it is an infinite list of recommendations so that when you watch one it will eventually show next to one more interesting like the one you have watched and you will go on like this.

Use any social media platform wisely and even any technology with precautions. Use less amount of time and spend your time living this beautiful life. Create a great life of your own so that you will not be jealous about seeing someone else’s life. We are comparative people. We compare ourselves to others but this is not a good way to go in life. Every person on this planet is different, everyone has a unique situation. Some are in good and some are in bad situations. Everyone is fighting their own fight. On these online platforms, we see other people’s lives and think How can I become like this person or that person but the reality is that you will never become like anyone eventually you will become just like you and that is the best thing that can happen to you.

Don’t compare, live your fair amount of life in this world. You are lucky enough to have all the things and people in your life that are currently with you because someone is not having anything at all. Don’t fall for short baits that some content creators are putting in front of you to brainwash. Think before you react. Even your one click is creating a vast amount of data for someone.



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